What Still Speaks?  

In a world littered with noise, we listen for the stories that truly speak to us. 

When delivered through art and creativity, they find a way to carry on through what we do. Sometimes it’s not the biggest voice in the room we hear, but the one that speaks through stillness. Other times, a good story is blaring and bold as it shakes a part of us free. Through stories, we recognize someone else’s journey as a mirror of our own, and we stumble into wonder, change perspectives, and learn to relate. While the world brims with shouts that pull us apart, stories are like music pulling us towards common ground. A good story always happens to take us there, as we enter into the landscapes that cover ourselves and our world. They take us towards connection, towards conversation, and into a place where we haven’t been. It’s those places just beyond ourselves where we confront difficulty and grow from the experience. It’s there where stories are crafted, where their contents are welded with wisdom, and that wisdom starts to speak. So turn your ear towards what is real, because at the end of the day, we’ll forget the chatter, but we’ll remember the stories that still spoke. 

Today, we’re excited to begin unveiling more of Stilspoke. This project has morphed and evolved and will continue to do so as we let creativity stretch us. The journey to this point began with many, many ideas and conversations that eventually flooded towards where we are today. We’re a group of new and old friends building a creative platform to inspire the sense of community we’ve felt in our lives spent outdoors. We believe art is greater than content, that stories can enter into deeper experiences, and that change happens right where we are. Stilspoke is a vessel to bring these beliefs to light, and we can’t wait to do that alongside you all.

March 3rd 2022

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