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The Long Traverse Film

Learning from and loving the landscapes we ride

The Long Traverse chronicles World Champion mountain biker, Christopher Blevins, as he introduces a new FKT (Fastest Known Time) route in the Los Padres National Forest. Through this effort, the film showcases his changing relationship to the land and highlights the environmental and social issues facing the area as well as the beauty of Central California.

“When we travel across hardship and journey through the unknown we recognize more of ourselves in our surroundings. Discomfort lends itself to growth, and through suffering, we feel the deeper meaning and purpose that goes beyond simply getting from A to B. Our joy lies in the process.”

“The Long Traverse project traces the ways in which mountain biking can help us understand landscapes and community. Through the story of an 80 mile, 11,000-foot route, we grapple with the reality of forest fires, climate change, and more, while learning to love and care for the places we ride.”

Christopher Blevins

“So what can we do? There’s much more than what we see taking place in this film and in the Los Padres. There are certain ripples that carry into our own backyards. The places we each hold dear are equally impacted by climate change, cultural shifts, and capitalistic legislation. Understanding the history of your home, both ecologically and indigenously, is the first step to understanding what the impacts are and how you can resolve them. This all begins by getting outside.”

dillon Osleger

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